Enerflo Product Announcements

AUGUST 20, 2023

Welp, it's been a minute, but we're back on track! It was a busy summer for many of our Partners and while the busy season is coming to a close, it's a good time to take a pause and ask yourself "Am I operating my solar business as efficiently as I could be?" and if the answer in your head is anything other than "Heck yes, I am!", then it might be worth (re)evaluating your tech stack and business processes. If you're going to make changes, this is the time to do it. There are some exciting new updates and integrations on the way! See below for the latest updates on the Enerflo Platform.

Thank you for your partnership and business!

New Features & Updates at a Glance


V2 Platform

  • NEW: Setters Support in V2
  • NEW: Default Views on V2 Deals Page
  • NEW: Optimus TPO Support now on V2
  • NEW: Aurora Design Updates now on V2
  • NEW: LightReach Energy Plans (TPO: Lease & PPA, Palmetto) Improvements
  • COMING SOON: PayKeeper Automated Escrow Software Integration for Cash Deals
  • COMING SOON: Non-Integrated TPO (Third Party Owned) Support

Legacy (V1) Platform

  • UPDATE: Install Tracker Page & Export Speed Optimization
  • UPDATE: Install Tracker’s Deal Breakdown Overhaul
  • UPDATE: Google Drive Primary Sync
  • UPDATE: Move Upload Agreement Ability to Survey Type vs Company Model

For Sales Reps

  • NEW Sales Core Certification Training (V2) for Sales Reps

Get your Sales Reps Enerflo Certified!
Your teams needs to be using Enerflo correctly and consistently to get the most out of your investment. Login to Enerflo.io to access the training.


Enerflo V2 Platform

For Sales & Contracting

Setters Support in V2

Power to the Setters!

Enerflo has created a robust system of roles and permissions to allow our partners ultimate control over how their teams operate within Enerflo V2.

Until now, only assigned sales rep and admins could edit a deal (Bo-rrring). Enerflo brought the setters to the party.

  • Is controlled by the ‘setter’ field in v1
  • Does require some setup - Enerflo support or your PSM can assist and train your admins.

Now Setters can edit roles and permissions in Enerflo


Set Your Own Default Views on V2 Deals Page

You View you. Like your custom view on the V2 Deals page? Now you can save it and make it your default!

Be more of a BOSS. Focus on the things that are important to you and cater your experience to your needs more easily. You can now save one of your custom views on V2’s ‘Deals’ page as your Default view.

  • When looking at your list of views select the star to make it your default. That’s it!
  • These are saved per device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc) so if you use multiple devices you can have multiple defaults.

Save your custom view(s) as your default view(s) on V2 “Deals” page



Optimus Proposals: TPO Support

The TPO (Lease & PPA) Has Landed!

Optimus has been updated to support the sale of TPO (third party owned) solar equipment. Enerflo partners can sell TPO products through various lenders, expanding payment options for homeowners.

  • Automatic switch to Optimus TPO versioning based on the selection of TPO financing
  • Updated language to specify the terms available for TPO
  • Updated terms to support pricing available for TPO


Optimus TPO (LightReach) Finance Terms Screen



Aurora Design Updates

Enerflo now supports more of the workflows that our partners use with Aurora, enabling increased migration to the Enerflo V2 Platform.

We’ve added support for Aurora Self Design and Sales Mode as design options.

  • Allows reps to create their own design through a deep link to Aurora Self Design from Design Requests.
  • Reps can make updates to designs by using the Sales Mode link from both Designs and in the Optimus design experience.




LightReach Energy Plans (PPA & Lease)

What do homeowners love allllmost as much as their new solar system? Knowing exactly what they’re getting and exactly when they’re getting it!

Enerflo is surfacing Sale-to-Install and Install-to-TPO timelines from LightReach. This update allows for a smoother sales and install process for all parties involved. Sales reps can set proper expectations with homebuyers, and homebuyers know how long the entire process can take.

  • Allows reps to set expectations with homebuyers on the timelines to expect during the install process.
  • Averages of timelines are provided by Palmetto based on region.

Learn more about the LightReach TPO integration

LightReach Qualification Check



PayKeeper Automated Escrow Software for Cash Payments

PayKeeper is in the HOUSE! And it provides a solution for troublesome cash deals that protects both parties (installer & homeowner).

Traditionally paying for a solar system with cash has had a higher level of risk than going with a traditional loan. PayKeeper will give a more secure cash option (in the form of a 3rd party (PayKeeper) escrow account) to those customers that want to pay with cash over a traditional loan.

  • Homeowner funds the escrow account
  • Installer can wait for that funding *before* they schedule the install
  • Payments are automated at key milestones, keeping the installers’ cash flowing
  • Final payment can be disputed by the homeowner after the install is complete (but it’s just a portion of the total payment)

Learn more about the PayKeeper integration

PayKeeper (Automated Escrow Software) can be added to deals just like all other Finance, TPO, PPA & Lease options (Lendflo)



Support for Non-Integrated TPO Service Providers on Enerflo V2

Integrated Shmintegrated, even non-integrated TPO products get invited to the party!

This feature is expected to be fully complete by mid-August. The support for TPO products on V2 is similar to the non-integrated lender feature and will enable the following:

  • Enerflo admin control to create TPO Providers, similar to non-integrated lender on V2
  • Enerflo admin and company admin ability to create products PPA, lease, and equipment lease products
  • PPA and lease products will have manual input field for estimated monthly payments
  • Equipment lease products can calculate monthly payments using payment factors.
  • TPO specific pricing outputs in the proposal stage
  • TPO specific proposal (in collaboration with the Proposals team)

Non-integrated TPO workflows in Enerflo

Using TPO Product in a proposal

Legacy (V1) Platform

For Sales, Contracting & Fulfillment


Install Tracker Page & Export Speed Optimization

Growing old waiting for exports and Install Trackers to load? This release optimizes (fancy word for “speeds things up”) both.

This release will enable faster exports and pave the way for partners completing internal audits. 


Install Tracker’s Deal Breakdown Overhaul

The Install Tracker breakdown now has additional info and context to provide greater clarity. You’re welcome.

The improvements include:

  • Create deliberate space for dealer fees per adder
  • Create a hover over showing the logic for each line item in the cost section
  • Additional Subtext when Change Order Exists showing new values vs initial
  • Ensure that the values are not impacted by the Proposal Reset in Pricing Drawer
  • Breaking out hidden adders with decision to show hidden adders based on role

Install Tracker Deal Breakdown Changes

Install Tracker Breakdown Changes
Created deliberate space for dealer fees per adder
Created a hover over showing the logic for each line item in the cost section
Additional Subtext when Change Order Exists showing new values vs initial
Ensuring that the values are not impacted by the Proposal Reset in Pricing Drawer


Google Drive Primary Sync

InSync isn’t just a boy band… it’s so much more.

The Google Drive File Sync feature was reworked to allow the user to create a primary sync account with the option to sync to multiple people.


Move Upload Agreement Ability to Survey Type vs. Company Model

This update gives Enerflo partners more control over Sales Rep involvement.

Moving the setting to the deal type settings, and unlocking the functionality for that specific deal type, gives the partners more control.

Thank you for your interest! See you again in September.

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