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Get install-ready designs from day one with EagleView TrueDesign™ for pre and post sale -- all through Enerflo

A Match Made in Solar

What do you get when you cross install-ready solar PV designs with the industry's only lead to PTO solar platform?

You get a whole new way to sell and install solar that streamlines your front and back end processes, reducing the time, friction and soft costs that keep you from being able to effectively scale your business.

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Sign Up with Enerflo + EagleView and save $2,500 on your implementation fees

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See how easy it is to request, receive and share EagleView PV system designs through Enerflo. Increase your customer satisfaction with install-ready designs and reduced time to install.

Fast & Accurate

The ≥98% accuracy of EagleView TrueDesign reduces changes orders and cancellations by providing install-ready PV designs at the proposal stage. Installers and EPCs can unlock final, install-ready PV designs at the solar contract, resulting in lower soft costs and better profit margins at every stage of the process.

  • TrueDesign for Pre-Sale (Proposals)
  • TrueDesign for Post-Sale (Plan Set)
  • Get install-ready designs in 2-5 Hours

Integrated & Connected

The Enerflo integration with EagleView TrueDesign gives Enerflo users an additional, premium option for solar PV system design that’s quick and easy to use with Enerflo Optimus Proposals. Enerflo connects all the data and features you need on one platform, with one login, creating one connected flow from lead to PTO.

  • Request TrueDesign system designs through Enerflo
  • Use Optimus Proposals to review system designs with your customers and make changes in real time
  • Eliminate the site visit and get to install faster

Trusted by Some of the Biggest Names in Solar

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The EagleView TrueDesign integration is only available on the Enerflo V2 Platform. Getting started is easy!


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