Looking to Offer Lease and PPA Options to Your Customers? It’s Easy with LightReach and Enerflo!

LightReach offers install timeline guarantees & industry-leading support.

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Faster Installs & Faster Payouts

Tap into a new market of solar customers with LightReach. It's a TPO plan that helps customers combat rising interest rates and high upfront costs. LightReach offers Lease and PPA financing options so homeowners can immediately see cost savings.

  • With LightReach, you'll get faster installs and faster payouts for your team
  • LightReach offers a 25-year, zero dealer fee, save now & buy later solar option
  • Quickly and easily add LightReach through Enerflo's financing platform, Lendflo
  • Guaranteed install timelines
  • Best-in-class customer service and support

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Faster Installs

A robust network of operations and installation professionals means Palmetto can guarantee a quick time to install in many popular service areas

Competitive Offerings

Sales Focused & Dedicated
Palmetto offers enticing incentives, diverse financial offerings including GoodLeap & an exclusive partnership with Rocket Loans in addition to industry changing Palmetto TPO.

Best-in-Class Support

Get Answers Fast
You’re never on your own with Palmetto and Enerflo’s best-in-class support teams. Both offer chat support, and other useful information & tutorials.

LightReach Energy Plans

Currently Available in 24 States

Great news for homeowners in these states! LightReach Energy Plans (Lease & PPA) are available. For homeowners who don't want to finance and/or can't pay cash, offering a LightReach Lease or PPA is an affordable, attainable option.

Adding LightReach Lease or PPA will be as easy as financing through Enerflo's Lendflo integrated financing platform.


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LightReach Energy Plans

Learn more about LightReach Energy Plans (Lease & PPA)

Email GoLightReach

Email capital@golightreach.com to get started with LightReach.

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