Take the Pain Out of Cash Payments for Solar with PayKeeper & Enerflo

PayKeeper is automated escrow software designed to eliminate hassle, payment risk, and SlowPay™ related to cash customers.


Cash Without the Hassle

Enjoy hassle-free cash payments with PayKeeper and Enerflo. This new integration will give installers/EPCs a secure, reliable automated escrow service option for managing cash payments -- in addition to finance and TPO services options.

  • Know your cash is safe with an independent, Federally insured escrow account
  • Confirm a fully funded escrow account before install 
  • Automate payments at critical milestones
  • Reduce the time to collect from 2-8 weeks to 1-2 days after install
  • Protect the installer/EPC and homeowner

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Close Cash Deals Faster & With More Confidence

Fully Funded Escrow Account.

Fully Funded
Escrow Account

Schedule your install with confidence, knowing the cash is available.
Automated Payments at Key Milestones.

Automated Payments at Key Milestones

Keep your cash flowing with automated payments at key milestones.
Add Roof, Batteries, SmartHome and More.

Add Roof, Batteries, SmartHome and More

Give your cash customers the solar system of their dreams, as well as a new roof, batteries and more.

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Watch a Webinar

Learn more about the Enerflo and PayKeeper integration.

Learn More About PayKeeper

Visit Paykeeper.com to learn more about how it works.

Enerflo Is Trusted by Some of the Biggest Names in Solar

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Consolidate your tech. Centralize and standardize your data. Create process efficiencies. Lower your soft costs. Enerflo is your single source of truth.

  • Enerflo For Sales

  • Enerflo For Installers/EPCs

  • Enerflo For Your Customers


Enerflo Sales Core Gives Reps Everything They Need to Sell More Deals

With Enerflo Sales Core, reps can set, schedule and manage their deal pipeline. With more integrations than any other end-to-end solar platform, reps can request, receive and share install-ready PV system designs using Enerflo's best-in-class proposal tool, Optimus. Quickly and easily compare loan products, apply for financing and contract the deal -- all within Enerflo, while sitting with your clients in home.


Enerflo Wingman Helps Installers/EPCs Manage Their Projects In Less Time, with Fewer Resources

Complete more projects and grow your business with Enerflo. Built-in safeguards ensure clean deal submission on the front end, saving you time on the backend by reducing change orders and delays. Clearly see project milestones status with Enerflo's Install Tracker. Automate and centralize communications with sales reps and customers. Organize and automate tasks and build custom reports. Enerflo's automations help reduce project duration and lower soft costs.


Keep Your Customers Informed and Engaged Every Step of the Way with Enerflo Customer Portals

Before the contract is even signed, give your customers their own online portal to track the progress of their new purchase. Enerflo Customer Portals can be branded with your company logo and colors. Add content, videos and more to showcase your company -- even add pictures of other jobs you've completed in their area. Customers can message the rep or installer from their portal; everything is centralized.